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A Guide to buying Barbies and Their New Body Types

The OG of all fashion dolls, Barbara Milificent Roberts, aka Barbie, is the single most popular doll that has ever been manufactured. In over eight decades the iconic doll’s physical measurements have evolved.

Most of us are familiar with the original barbies body, which has been the subject of adoration and controversy by fans, parents and researchers alike.

In the 2010s, Mattel (Barbies manufacturer) decided to rethink the dolls measurements, creating a doll that possessed a more realistic body form. The company went on  to further expand the doll, adding multiple different body types and over a hundred skin tones to create the most diverse doll line ever.

New Barbies sold today come in five different body types, Original, Curvy, Petite & Tall body types. All ‘play line’ barbie dolls, or those suitable for children and younger collectors are designed in one of these body type. In addition the company offers a ‘Silk tone’ or ‘Signature’ body type which is closer to the original  barbie measurement, these body types are reserved for collectible dolls.