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Here is Why Doll Collecting Deserves Our Respect.

The art of doll collecting expands almost as long as humans have existed. Their original use was in rituals and later to preserve history and tell stories. By the Roman and Greek time it finally become widely customary for children, to keep dolls as toys. They would then gift them to their favorite deities as they grew into adulthood. The art of creating dolls is also rooted in tradition and found in almost every culture known.

Modern doll play and doll collecting is not reserved just for kids anymore. In fact doll collecting is considered one of the most popular hobbies for adults of all ages in the United States and around the world. The invention of fashion dolls in the 50s, ushered by the single most iconic fashion doll of all time, Barbie and later on Ken, went on to change the landscape of dolls forever.

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The post-barbie world of dolls is perhaps the most expansive era for dolls and doll collectors. The industrial innovations that followed led to the creations of diverse dolls from around the world for kids and adults on global scales never seen before. These fashion dolls have become much more realistic and ‘human like’ in recent years.

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