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Your Guide to Ddung the Adorable Korean Doll

Ddung (Pronounced Doo,ng), the ultimate fashion doll from Korea isn’t just an adorable doll with a cheeky sense of style she is a unique creation, rich in detail and design. 

Ddung Doll

The Ddungs oversized head and her adorable big eyes are her biggest feature and most larger dolls come with rooted hair in a rainbow of colors and textures. 

‘Ddung is an adorable little 4 year old girl who knows everything and has a chubby little belly!’ Koreabridge.net 

Ddung dolls come in two sizes. A smaller size measures around 11 cm (4.5 inches) while the larger full sized doll measure 18 cm (7.9 inches). Both dolls are made from quality hard vinyl plastic, giving them a very smooth yet solid feel. 

The original (4.5 inch) 11 cm doll comes with both sculpted classic and rooted hair look, the dolls are similar anatomically to their bigger sisters and are just shrunk in size! The often are dressed in beautiful themed outfits that are simpler and less intricate that their more premium larger siblings. However considering the overall quality of the brand, these little dolls are very well made and will please collectors of smaller scale dolls! 

Just shy of 8 inches, the authentic larger Ddung doll, comes fully clothed  with accessories.  Truly a deluxe version larger version to her smaller more affordable sister, these dolls are sold in sturdy boxes that come with whimsical kpop type inspired artwork. Look for DDung branding and holographic stickers on the boxes to ensure you are buying an authentic doll. 

The larger Ddung doll’s fashion and accessories are hand made from quality material featuring sturdy stitching and intricate details giving the doll a premium feel. 

Each doll also comes with an adorable and, typically red, doll stand. They are great dolls to display and should please doll collectors and fans of Kpop and Anime novelties of ages of 3 and Up. Their reusable boxes are excellent storage for the dolls and are themselves display worthy! 

Both sized Ddung dolls are released with different themes and collections ranging from the zodiac to careers and even fruits and vegetables inspired themes. The dolls oversized head is truly her most recognizable feature and she is truly a delight to play with or add to your collection.