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About Us

A destination for so much more than dolls... we're a fashion house!

Our mission, to create an awesome online boutique and an outlet to help inspire doll lovers and story tellers of all ages: Doll Fashion House is a super fun, interactive online shopping experience for the creative mind. Browse loads of cute doll clothes, accessories and more that are inspired by the love of dolls.

After collecting dolls for years, we realized there weren't enough outlets to explore, finding doll essentials had become difficult. So we decided to created Doll Fashion House.We ensure every item we sell is of great quality, design and value! Shop Based on fit, themes and more and cut the guess work that comes with online shopping for doll clothes!

Add to your collection of dolls, learn about new ones or check out our in house MxBoo collections. The mission of the MxBoo Boutique Collections is to provide fashion and quality for the collector doll market. 

The vision of the MxBoo brand is to be the most recognized and respected name in the doll clothing industry.

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